If you have problems with the driver then you can enable the logging of the driver with: Before a corrupt ResultSet was returned. If you use the JDK 1. A solution to this problem is the use of the connection pool with an initial size. You should use XA only if you it need.

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You can get bytes from a timestamp field that can be read with the methods getBytes, getString or getBinaryStream.

If you have problems with the int then you can enable the logging of the driver. If you call getObject on a column that is a timestamp column in the SQL Server then you get a binary object. If you set a query timeout. This charset option needs to be compatible with the codepage of the SQL Server.

The scale was 0, e. This is not helpful. Optimistic concurrency control using values. A regression with setMaxIdleTime was fixed. If you have problems with the driver then you can enable the logging of the driver with: If a SP call was prepared then the first call did not return a output parameter. Those Connection can be received from: The ResultSets won’t be restored.


How to use international language characters? Syntax error converting datetime from character string.

Manual for the MS SQL Server JDBC type 4 driver MERLIA

A bug with getConnection was fixed. The garbage output of DatabaseMetaData.

The driver sent a wrong time for following timestamp: Sets the total time in seconds, in that the reconnection process must be finished. There are 3 causes:. This is very fast for small ResultSets. If -Change Network Support- is selected, then cancel the setup. You need to add this jar file to your classpath or extract the jar file in the directory of the application. Currently unet try to get a third connection.

The return value of supportsStatementPooling was changed.

If you use a set method that map to a data type with a higher precedence then the MS SQL Server will qsl the value in the database column and not the parameter. Changes are detected by comparing all nontext, nonimage values. This may occur when you or your environment change the isolation level.


Every character has 2 bytes.

Documentation for MS SQL Server JDBC drivers

With the SQL Server 7. The read lock ends if the ResultSet scrolls to the next fetch block setFetchSize.

If true the slower way is used, but this way is bug free. A failing windows authentication was fixed for the case that user name, domain name and host name together were very long. The value is equals to the JDBC sub protocol. You need to call Transaction.