I tested printing from Inkscape on windows by printing to a file using a driver for a PS printer and using the PDFCreator print driver. Alternatively you can get them from the Inkscape repository at: Can you attach a sample SVG file that prints rasterized? Using the export technique I am able to print the vector box but not the letter. The latest drivers and firmware are listed below, and can be downloaded at your convenience. A partially positive test of the Python code has been reported at Bug

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On Windows XP I get the attached non-rasterized file.

Epilog Laser Drivers and Firmware Updates

In this case the answer is a bit more optimistic. This is something to think about if your dad upgrades his computer.

Maybe it’s an issue with the driver not handling Inkscape’s PostScript output correctly? All lines are being seen as raster data. My concern is alignment and scaling. Jonathan Lknux jmanton wrote on This worked great for me.

Laser Cutter Tutorial

There are other windows applications, like inkscape, but these rasterise the image before sending to the windows printer driver, so there is no way to use them to vector cut!

On a simple object like this I can manage but on larger pages linuz say a label run I have problems.


Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct. Unfortunately, the problem may be that this is done in laseer units, which you may not know ahead of time.

You are not directly subscribed to this bug’s notifications. A partially positive test of the Python code has been reported at Bug For Fab modules only – What you see in that window will actually be rotated degrees in the machine. Laser Cutting – nothing compares to the quality of a laser cut on many e;ilog.

If not, reboot the laser cutter.

The FabLab’s Epilog laser-cutter Mini 24″

It starts the laser cutter, but what it engraves doesn’t look like what I’m printing. We have had this problem for about 8 months as well also with an Epilog laser cutter directly attached to a machine running Windows XP. To post a comment you must log in. This is the point at which I gave up, since it does not appear to be specifically an Inkscape problem. Looking through the options natively available within Inkscape it seems that designating a stroke of “1 pt” more or less captures the intent at least until “hairline” or ” non-scaling-stroke” is implemented per SVG 1.

This bug affects 8 people.

Introducing the Epilog Mac Driver

If not, then just launch a terminal and type ‘fab’. This is part of the reason why I abandoned the code search and tried linkx different tack.


There should be a shortcut to fab modules from the desktop. I downloaded an Epilog driver, Epilog Zing driver 9. I noticed that Mr Gaskill in post 45 asked the same question I need to ask.

If I try to print the svg from Inkscape it etches the circle, if I print the pdf from Adobe Reader it cuts the circle. Eplog of these are acceptable, so I am going to abandon this line of enquiry which was to modify Inkscape code to do this, and concentrate instead on the Python approach. Results 1 to 3 of 3. The machine will automatically calibrate the focus of the laseer.

Installing Epilog Express Engraver. I’ve submitted a patch to win32 Cairo so that it properly sends anything smaller than the device’s smallest unit size as a hairline 0. On the windows side the document is NOT rotated degrees from how it will print on the machine.